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SBC srl has earned a reputation as a supplier of superior valves at competitive prices, exceeding customer expectation and industry requirements.
We are committed to offer products that meets a wide range of application, drilling mud valves, oil and gas production valves, military ship valves, reverse osmosis valves. These are our main expertise.

We improve our product line over and over again by introducing new products providing our customer with the best product on the market, 
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Check Valves

The check valve or non-return, is a valve which allows only one direction of flow.



Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve is a hydraulic valve in which the shutter is a disk that rotates about an axis normal to that of the tube, blocking the passage.



Ball Valves

The ball valve is the most common type and used in a flow in hydraulic lines intercepting device.



Globe Valves

The globe valve, which is subdivided into started flow valve and in free flow, allows the regulation of the pressure by changing the flow of a fluid in a pipeline under pressure.



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All Valves and Fittings are manufactured according to relative International Standards.

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