Butterfly valves rubber lined

Main features

rubber lined

  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant only the seat and disc are in contact with the fluid.
  • Self - cleaning and two - way (therefore the valve can be mounted in both directions of flow).
  • Maximum ease of assembly and maintenance: no additional seals are required for mounting between<
  • the flanges, nor lubrication.
  • Adaptability to any type of pneumatic or electric actuator.
  • Protection of the valve outer parts against corrosion (epoxy or polyurethane paint).
  • Tight shut-off with pressure drop up to 21.5 bar.
  • Disc self - centering inside the seat thanks to the floating coupling between stem - disc.
  • Seat with phenolic resin or aluminium reinforcement to ensure geometric and dimensional stability.
  • Stem-disc coupling without use of fastening elements (screw, bolts, etc.) which could be sources of corrosion and failures.
  • Very compact size and light weight.
  • Disc of special design in order to ensure ample full flow, low pressure drops, and minimum turbulence.
  • Valves are according to ISO 5752 - BS 5155 - MSS SP 67 DIN 3202 - 3 - K1 - API 609.
  • Favourable cost.
  • Good adjustment characteristic.



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