Instruments Valves

Condensing and seal pots

barilotto condensa

The integral type pots are made from seamless pipe according to ANSI B36.10. The connection bushing are assembled to the body employing the best welding techniques in order to obtain the maximum resistance to pressure and temperature.

Our operators are all skilled welders passed throught qualifications tests of the ASME IX. All pots are hydrostatically tested at 1,5 the nominal pressure.

Different materials are used for manufacturing seal pots and condensing chambers in order to suit all applications and the conditions of pressure temperature and corrosion involved.

Usually pots are manufactured in stainless steel material, carbon steel and on demand all the other kind of materials (Monel 400, P11, P22, etc.)


Seal pot with vent valves

barilotto spurgo

Ideal for low-rate volume at full load. Supplied with antitamper trim, mounting holes compression fittings as standard.

This kind of pots are made from bar in 316/316L stainless steel material and on request they are also available in Monel 400, Hastelloy C, etc.



Sampling cylinders

cilindro campionamento

VIMEC sampling cylinders are designed and manufactured to provide long performance life and maximum safety to the user for the safe containment and trasportation of samples of gases and liquids.

The cylinders are available in different capacities and cylinders ends come in 1/4" NPT-F and 1/2" NPT-F connections.

They are available in 316 and 316L stainless steel material on request are available also Monel 400, carbon steel material, etc.



Instrument double block and bleed valves

valvola doppio intercetto

Double block and bleed systems represent a new solution for instruments hook-up with the following advantages:

  • Reduction in possible leakage points
  • Saving of weights and overall dimensions until to 70%
  • Shorter times in assembly
  • Simplifed purchase and store management

This modular systems found an ideal application both in sampling and injection systems.
Double block and bleed are available in different type of materials (316L, Monel, Duplex, Hastelloy,...) and connections (threaded/threaded, flanged/threaded).


Bar-stock pressure gauge valves

valvola portamanometro

The pressure gauge valves are pratical low cost valves for the installation of pressure gauges and pressure switch.

These valves provide for cut-off and zeroing of instruments, thanks to a rear needle valve which clears a vent hole placed on the side of the body.

Different models are available with a large combination of connections and pressure rating. Lighter series is also available; it is optimal in air instruments circuits.

Assembled with air distribution pots or usually for low pressure, different models of valves with more outlets complete the range of needle valves. Available in different diameter from 1/8" to 1" and in every kind of materials required.



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