Limit Switch Box

Limit Switch Box (1)

Limit switch box

Ball valve Microswitch box

  • Indicator: Visual position indicator.
  • "Quick set" cam: The sitting of the cams is a micrometical one, and it’s obtained by spIine
  • connection. The position of the cams is ensured thanks to a spring, which acts preventing any casual mouvement. The regulation is performed without any tool.
  • Multipoint terminal strip:Terminal strip number with 9 contacts is standard for micro switch. There are connected solenoid valve service.
  • Dual wire potting:The Box has two conduit entries thread PG13,5.
  • Cover: The cover is correctly positioned on the box thanks to two centering points. The fastening screws are kept in their seat, so as not to get lost once the box is open.
  • Electric card: The electric cards have been studied in a way that they aIl can be interchangeable and easily replaceable without demounting the stem.
  • Bracket: The bracket has been conceived for an immediate assembling on the pneumatic actuators, in accordance with the regulations VDl / VDE 3845 NAMUR.



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