Valvole a sfera trunnion

Trunnion mounted type ball valves are manufactured to API 6D specification and tested to API 598/API 607.


The construction is side entry three pieces full and reduced port.


The valves are lever operated and where recommended or when required are gear operated or actuated.


The following are some of the major design features:

  • Structure: Solid entirely forged construction.
  • Fire-safe: All size and pressure classes have been succesfully fire-saf tested according to the relevant API and BS specifications. Test certifications are available on request.
  • Antistatic: Electrical continuity of all valve components, prevent statics.
  • Double Black & Bleed: The body cavity is isolated when the ball is in either fully closed or fully opened position, the medium entrapped in it can easily be bled to avoid overpressure.
  • Seat Ring Sealing: as line pressure increases, our seat design originates a piston effect forcing the sealing resilient insert against the ball. In absence of the pressure or with low pressures, the seats are forced against the ball by the set of preloaded springs.
  • Pressure relieving: if excessive pressure builds up in the body cavity exceeding the seats spring pressure, the seat authomatically relieves.



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