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Create value for customers and suppliers, by growing in competencies and efficiency with flexible strategy, with firm commitment ended on due time, with monitored and costantly improved quality with respect of business ethics.
Develope innovative and effective solution for the client with full respect of safety and quality.


Company was established in the 1986 by people with long experience in the oilfield drilling, production and subsea systems .Water treatment, particularly seawater reverse osmosis.
Since then we started a profitable cooperation with several major Italian Company developing ball valves trunnion mounted API 6 A and API 6D certified PED construction and certification ATEX , Fire safe etc .
Special application Butterfly valves and metal to metal.
Managing engineering, managing manufacturing, sales and services of Ball valve API 6 A and 6 D , Ped , ATEX Trunnion type and floating, Butterfly rubber lined, metal to metal and special application, Pneumatic rotary actuators for quarter turn valves complete including accessories.


  • Ball valve API 6 D, API 6 A , NACE, FIRE SAFE, ATEX ,PED, Type Trunnion/ Floating up to DN 26”.
  • Gate valves ANSI type
  • Butterfly valve up to DN 1000 rubber lined , metal to metal up to DN 24” and for special application.
  • Check valves clapet and disc type.
  • Pneumatic rack pinion actuators
  • Needle valves up to 10.000 PSI WP

All Products are tested and certified by third party inspectors if requested .




S.B.C. srl ISO quality management consultants will guide you on how to implement and achieve iso 9000 / 9001, certificate for your company. To get your company ISO certified please contact us sbc(at)sbc-it.com
Our consulting package for ISO 9001:2000 certification includes onsite or offsite consultancy, training, documentation, quality manual, procedures, forms, internal audit, shadow audit etc. to get your ISO certificate and increase your customer base and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in the market.



Pump maintenance Pumps are at the heart of your fluid transfer processes. We understands the importance of keeping them in perfect working order.
Valve maintenance Valves and their actuators are key assets in your business. Ensuring they work correctly is central to keeping your entire process flowing freely.

Our package of services is tailored to keep you in total control of your process flow equipment.
On-site maintenance In addition to on-site services covering fluid sealing, and pump, valve and flange maintenance, we also undertake the more general aspects of industrial plant maintenance.


Product certification ( PED , API 6 A , API 6 D)
Scope of our consultancy service on product certification: Advice you to prepare necessary documentation & prepare the complete application package for you to apply Marks & Certificates approval. Interface with authorities / certification bodies on your behalf providing your company with faster response, greater efficiency and shorter project turnaround time. Arrange your product to be tested at correct test standards and laboratories. Give you quotations on test/certification and give you positive advice on the right steps to take towards certification till certification obtained.