Butterfly PTFE seat 316 disc valves

farfalla ptfe

This is a new series of butterfly valves with perfectly tight shut-off designed to solve, unlike the valves with elastomer seats, problems in shut-off and/or flow control for particularly aggressive fluids. Hence this type of valve finds its main application in those industrial sectors, above all the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where there is much use of more or less corrosive products.

Another ideal application is that of the sector of foodstuffs in general, breweries, and distilleries thanks to the non toxicity and the antiseptic characteristic of the PTFE seat. As this seat fully isolates the valve body from the process fluid, special materials of construction are not necessary; moreover thanks to the special external profile, the valve is kept ready for mounting without needing additional seals.

The seat consists of a vulcanized PTFE layer, 2 mm thick, on a resilient elastomer support inside of which is housed a metal ring to ensure both geometric and dimensional stability of the seat. The standard version of the inner parts, i.e. the disc and stem, is AISI 316; it is also possible to supply the disc mirror polished. Other materials are available upon request, such as MONEL K, HASTELLOY C, TITANIUM.




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