codice etico

Ethical Code SBC

April the 16th 2002
San Giuliano Milanese
Milano - ITALY

Code of Practice. Ethics

The Code of Practice is a set of principles and rules whose respect by the people who work in various capacities in our company is essential for the smooth operation, the reliability and reputation of SBC Inc., creating a heritage crucial to its success.
The Code of Practice is to orientate fairness, loyalty, integrity and transparency, operations, behaviors, the way of working and both internal reports, which do external entities.
The recipients of the Code of Practice that will violate the rules will affect the relationship of trust between them and SBC inc , the company.

The Code of Practice is brought to the attention of all those with whom the SBC Inc. maintains business relationships.

I. General principles

The recipients of the Code of Practice must always abide by the following guiding principles:

"Act in accordance with law and regulations;

"Compete fairly on the market;

"Does not offer or accept money or goods in kind to promote or encourage a decision. Gifts and acts of kindness are allowed if they are of modest value and which do not compromise the integrity or reputation;

"Avoid or declare in advance possible conflicts of interest with SBC Inc.;

"Protect the confidentiality of information relating to the SBC, Inc., employees and customers;

"To be truthful and accurate communications;

"Treat all individuals properly and impartially, without bias;

"Protect the health and safety reciprocal;

"Minimize the potentially harmful effects of the activities on the environment.

II. Target

"Target" must mean all those who have working relationships of various kinds with SBC Inc.

III. Obligations

All activities must be conducted in accordance with the general principles outlined above in paragraph I, in strict compliance with the rules of law, respecting the fundamental principles of fair competition, honesty, integrity, fairness, professional rigour, confidentiality and good faith.

The accounting evidence must be based on accurate information, comprehensive and verifiable.

Each entry in the accounting books must reflect the nature of the operation, represent the substance and must be based on adequate supporting documentation to allow:

"The easy entry;

"The identification of the different levels of responsibility;

"Accurate reconstruction of the operation.

In trade relations employees of SBC Inc. must act in accordance with the rules and principles of the Code of Practice, in particular by avoiding the transmission, storage and use of illegal information or socially reprehensible.

The selection of suppliers and determining the conditions of purchase must be based on an objective assessment of the quality, the price of goods and services requested, the ability to provide timely and secure goods and services adequate to the needs of SBC Inc. and its customers.

All recipients have an obligation to cooperate with the Directorate to check violations.

The recipients are required to use the assets available to them in accordance with their intended purpose and in order to protect their storage and functionality.

IV. Prohibitions

Payments to third parties to influence an act of office, illegal favors,

promises or solicitations of benefits or utility personal practices active or

passive corruption or collusion of any kind or in any form, is prohibited.
The exploitation of child labour, discrimination based on sex, race, language,

personal and social, political and religious beliefs are ripudiati by SBC Inc.

that operates in compliance with the principles of freedom, dignity of the
person and respect for diversity .
Each situation or activities in potential conflict of interest with the company

should be avoided and, if doubt notified early on Legal responsible.
It is not allowed for the misuse of goods, resources, information confidential

Inc. SBC or allow others to do so.
There must be issued statements or provided information to anyone regarding the

SBC, Inc., its customers and suppliers.

V. Importance of Code of Practice

Violation of the rules of Code of Practice may constitute non-compliance with the contractual obligations of employment or employee of professional collaboration, with each subsequent act of law and under Par 2404 Italian Civil Code.

VI. Implementation and Monitoring

The implementation and control is delegated to the President.

VII. Health, Safety, Environment

The recipients must maintain a climate of mutual respect for the dignity, honour and reputation and respect of each organization Employees participating in the process of risk prevention, protection and the protection of health and safety against themselves, co-workers and third parties, subject to the laws regulating them.

Still remain the general absolute prohibition of abuse of alcohol or drugs and a ban on smoking in workplaces except in the workplace covered by specific indications where it does not generate danger.

The SBC Inc. is committed to promoting social actions in the field provided by collective bargaining.

The President